Knowing the Varieties of Hemlock Trees

There are four distinct species of hemlock trees. These trees grow the best in high regions where the climate is a little cooler. Landscapers and gardeners love the over all shape of hemlock trees and, of course, their sliver and green coloring. Want to plant some hemlock trees in your yard? Here are  the most common.

Eastern Hemlock Tree

This hemlock tree is native to the Northeastern North American landscape. While it can reach heights to over 100 feet, it is usually pruned and kept as a mid sized shrub. Eastern Hemlock trees, also known as the Canadian Hemlock is pyramidal in shape and the branches will droop towards the ground.

Western Hemlock Tree

This tree is also known as the Hemlock fir, or Prince Albert's fir. This tree is found along the Northwestern region of North America, and can reach amazing heights of over 200 feet tall. Western Hemlock trees are most commonly grown for lumber as they have thick trunks and soft wood.

Mountain Hemlock Tree

The Mountain Hemlock tree is also native to the Northwestern region of North America. It is a conical type of evergreen and grows to over 100 feet in height. This tree prefers mountainous terrain and can grow quite easily is rocky soil.