Knowing the Various Lathe Spindle Nose Types

lathe spindle has several different nose types. The nose type of the spindle will have a lot to do with how the spindle works and what exactly it works on. Getting the wrong type of spindle nose can prevent you from getting the job done. Make sure that you are able to understand the differences between them.


You will find that the types of spindle nose types are categorized in letters and numbers. The letter of the types does not indicate the size as most people assume. It actually is an indicator of the type of the taper on the nose of the lathe.


The number that is directly following the letter of the type of lathe spindle nose indicates the bolt pattern. For example, an A1 will tell you the taper of the nose as well as the bolt pattern.

Extra Numbers

You will find that there are sometimes extra numbers attached along with the A1s and A2s. If you see an A1-8, then the 8 will tell you the diameter measure that is in the bolt holes. With all of these numbers and letters put together, you will be able to understand what type of lathe spindle nose type that you are getting.