Knowing When a Wall Air Conditioner Needs New Freon

A woman fiddling with an air conditioner.

A wall air conditioner is a great appliance to keep you cool during the hot days of summer. Not only does the wall air conditioner blow cool air into your room, but it also has another job. The air conditioner removes the heat and the humidity from your room to make it more comfortable.

When you start a new season of air conditioning, you generally hope that the wall air conditioner is going to work just like it did last season. However, there are times when the air conditioner just doesn't seem to be working right. The issue could be Freon. Freon is a refrigerant that is found in wall air conditioners. Here are a few things to know about Freon.

Recharging Is Left to Professionals

Adding new Freon to your air conditioner is something that can only be done by a professional. Replacing Freon is something that is highly regulated by the government and requires very strict guidelines due to exposure risks. You can get certified with an EPA Section 609 certification, but you will also need to have the right equipment. If you do need to have the Freon recharged in your air conditioner, you are better off buying a new one. The equipment you need to buy can cost thousands of dollars.

Losing Cooling Ability

One of the first indications that the Freon in your wall air conditioner is starting to fall below acceptable levels is that it will begin to lose its cooling power. The air will not seem to be as cold as it usually is.

Another indication that the Freon is getting low is when the wall air conditioner does not get rid of the humidity like it did previously. You will feel sticky from the heat and the moisture in the air. You may even begin to smell something sweet.

It Could Be a Different Issue

Some of these signs are also indications of other problems within the air conditioner, such as a dirty air filter. When the air filter is clogged, or full of dirt, the air will not get through to the cooling coils.

Cleaning Your AC Unit is Important

Many people will neglect the cleaning of their wall air conditioner because of the hassle of taking it out of the wall housing. However, if this is not done you might be getting rid of a perfectly good air conditioner. The problems that are associated with the loss of Freon are also similar to those of a dirty AC. Clean your wall air conditioner every spring to keep from buying replacement parts, expensive equipment, or a brand new air conditioner. If the unit is clean, you have taken good care of it, and it is more than 10 years old, then have it checked by a certified technician to replace the Freon.