Knowing When to Replace Your Basement Wall Insulation


Basement wall insulation has a limited lifespan; therefore, you need to know the signs of insulation that need to be replaced. When it comes to cutting down on heating and cooling costs, insulating your basement is a great solution.

Animal or Bug Infestation

If animals have ever infested your basement, you should replace the insulation. Animals nest in insulation, which destroys it. The ruined insulation is ineffective and needs to be replaced.

If you have a pest problem there could be leftover eggs that were not destroyed during the extermination. Once these eggs hatch, you will have the problem again. Your best bet is to remove the insulation as soon as you are able to reenter the area.

Flooded Basement

Any time a basement floods, there is a strong chance that the insulation became wet. Wet insulation is a breeding ground for mold. The air in your basement doesn’t stay in your basement. It makes its way into your home. Having mold and mildew in your basement can increase respiratory problems. You should first take care of the wet basement problem. Once you have effectively sealed off your basement, replace the insulation.

Old Insulation

Wear gloves when handling the insulation. If it crumbles upon touch, that is a tell-tale sign that your insulation is past its prime.