Knowing When To Water Your Cactus

Cactus plants are adapted to living in the dry arid climate; they have gained a reputation among gardener as being drought tolerant and easy to care for. Much like how a camel stored water in its humps for future use, cacti, too, store water in their flesh. Despite the conscious awareness many people have about how little water a cactus needs, over watering is a common problem.

Over watering a cactus results in an array of diseases and may actually stunt the growth of the cactus. Therefore, it is essential to understand when to water your cacti and how much you should give it. Since cacti need to be watered more during their active growing season, watering instructions will be provided for both the growing season and the dormant season.

Growing Season

The watering requirement of cacti depends on many factors: species, pot size, humidity and soil. However, during the growing season you should plan on watering your cactus once a month. Give the cactus a moderate amount of water, and once you notice that water is running out of the drainage holes, stop. You may water the cactus twice a month using a smaller amount between the months of May through August.

Dormant Season

During the dormant season only water your cactus when the potting soil has completely dried out. Even when the soil has completely dried, introduce water only in minimal amounts and never allow the soil to become saturated.