Knurled Knurled

A knurled surface is a surface that has small knobs, beads, or a certain pattern to it to allow for better grip. When knurled by a machine, the wood is deformed and pushed the material rather than cutting it. This allows for a solid clean knurled surface.

How Surfaces are Knurled

A machinist will apply a tool that has two freely rotating rollers. The most important part that a machinist must understand is the relation of the knurling tool and the diameter of the surface. When machinists don’t understand this important property, the knurl doesn’t track itself properly causing problems. There is a small process that is taken to get a knurled surface.

  • The proper diameter is found before anything else is done. This ensures that the process will go smoothly.
  • A test knurl is done by hand. The test will allow the pattern to start to repeat itself after the first pass.
  • Adjustments are made if necessary. If the rotations don’t line up after the first revolution than an adjustment is made to make them line up.

Knurled surfaces appear on many objects such as door handles, nails, and other everyday objects.

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