Krups Electric Kettle

With several models to select from, ranging in price from about $50 to $100, a Krups electric kettle comes with a capacity ranging from about 1.7 to 2.1 quart. Stylishly designed and equipped with several easy-to-use features as well as built-in safety measures, Krups kettles heat water for tea, hot chocolate or instant soups far faster than either a microwave or stovetop. Setting conveniently on the counter, they make a welcome addition to any kitchen. 


Krups electric kettle models BW500, BW4000 and BW3990 each feature a powerful 1,500-Watt stainless steel heating element that is fully concealed in the base of the unit. The FLF2-J4 uses a 1,750-Watt element. Krups kettles feature a 360-degree cord connection with convenient below storage, so there is no tangling or need to wrap it around the kettle when not in use. The jugs themselves are stainless steel and are fixed upon a die-cast base. 


Krups kettles feature an anti-scale filter, removable with select models, that prevents unsightly mineral buildup. The BW4000 features an integrated water filter as well. All units have an on/off switch and an auto shutoff mechanism when a boil is reached. A boil-dry protection circuit won't let the water evaporate either. Convenient water level indicators offer high visibility and may feature a blue-lit LED.