Krups Electric Tea Kettle

Ideal for making tea, cocoa, and instant coffee as well, a Krups electric tea kettle works quickly to bring water to near boiling. Better and more efficient than using the stovetop, electric tea kettles are fully self-contained countertop appliances. Krups electric kettles feature an elegant brushed stainless steel finish, a large capacity, and multiple features that improve their overall convenience and safe operation. Reasonably priced at $50 to approximately $100, Krups kettles add a measure of charm to any kitchen without breaking the bank. 

Krups Kettle Models

Krups electric tea kettles that feature a 1,500-Watt heating element include 3 models:

  • BW500
  • BW4000
  • BW3990

In addition, Krups produces the FLF2-J4 model with a 1,750-Watt element. With all models, the heating element is made from non-corroding stainless steel. Including numerous basic features, such as an on/off switch, highly-visible water level indicator and below cord storage, Krups kettles include a number of other features designed for safety as well as aesthetics. 

Other Features

Anti-scale filters are included with Krups kettles. This prevents the unsightly buildup of minerals, helping to keep the unit clean and maintain the quality and taste of the water. A power-on LED indicator, 360-degree connection with the base and integrated water filter are other optional features. Krups electric kettles have a capacity of roughly 1.7 to 2.1 quarts.