K-Style Gutters: 3 Gutter Guard Options K-Style Gutters: 3 Gutter Guard Options

K-style gutters are the most common types of gutters on houses. Like all gutters, gutter guards on K-style gutters will stop leaves accumulating in and clogging the gutter. There are 3 main types of gutter guard.

1. Drop In

The drop in gutter guard is much as it sounds. It rests in the top section of the gutter and isn’t secured there in any way. It will do the job but can be moved by wind or even by excessive water. The drop in gutter guard is the cheapest option and the simplest to install on K-Style gutters.

2. Hinged Gutter Guard

The half-round hinged gutter guard isn’t actually hinged. It attaches to the lip of the gutter with screws. The dome of the gutter guard sits over the gutter and the other side rests on the bottom of the roof. This gives full protection to the gutter and it’s easy to clean. The downside is that installing hinged gutter guards is laborious and time-consuming as a screw needs to be inserted at intervals of every three inches or so.

3. Lock On Gutter Guard

The lock on gutter guard stays securely in the K-style gutter. On one side, it’s held in place by the lips of the gutter while the other side is pushed under the shingles so it can’t move.

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