K-Style Gutters: Cleaning and Maintenance

K style gutters are the standard gutter type used in residential homes. When looking at a gutter, you can determine the style by looking at the profile, or cross-section. When looking at k style gutters, you can see a resemblance to crown molding found inside your home. K style gutters offer strength and durability, which is why they are increasingly the most commonly used gutter. The popularity of k style gutters continues to grow in part because they have a low material cost, low labor cost to install and offer a durable gutter system that can easily be maintained. 


K style gutters are sturdy and long-lasting, but still may require some maintenance over time. If your k style gutter attaches directly to your fascia board, you may eventually need to replace some of the attachment nails. The nails can pull out or loosen over time and require replacement. If your gutters attached to the fascia board with brackets, it may be necessary to replace brackets that break. You can purchase individual brackets at any hardware store and follow the included instructions for attachment. K style gutter systems utilize downspouts to drain water out of the gutter. Over time, downspouts may also need to have their attachment hardware replaced. Again, you can purchase individual metal straps and screws that secure downspouts at any hardware store. 

It may also be necessary to add sealant to the connections of your downspouts and gutters to prevent or seal leaks. Overtime the original seal may weaken and need reinforcement. You can stop a leak and prevent future leaks by adding sealant to your gutter seams, corners and connections. Simply apply a small amount of sealant to the leaking area to stop a leak. For leak prevention, you can apply a small amount of sealant to all of the seams, corners and connections every year or two years. 


Keeping your gutter system clean can prevent deterioration over time and can save you from needing to replace your gutters unduly. It is easy to overlook gutter cleaning, but the process is quite easy to complete. Keeping your gutter clean will prevent clogging, which can cause corrosion, rust, and decay. 

You should wear a pair or work gloves to prevent any debris from catching and cutting your hands. Next, you will need to climb a ladder so you can see inside of the gutter. Look at the gutter to see if there are any areas where leaves, dirt or debris have collected. If there are, you can use a small gardening shovel to scoop out the debris and clear the gutter. Once you have cleared the debris from an area, you can clean the inside of the gutter by pouring a solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water directly into the gutter. Leave the solution in the gutter to set and work up any other dirt that may exist. Continue this process all the way around the gutter system of your home. Next, you can return to your starting point with a water hose that has a nozzle attached to allow a highly powered and defined spray. You can spray away any excess dirt, debris and bacteria loosened by the bleach solution with the water hose. Be sure to spray the water toward a downspout so it can properly drain from the gutter system.