Lace Dress

Finding a pattern for a lace dress and creating a gorgeous design with your own two hands is a wonderful feeling. You are able to choose your own lace, other fabrics, and create a custom design that you will be proud to wear.

How to Care for Your Lace Dress

Your lace dress will need to be hand washed, as the delicate fabrics can snag and be torn in the washer. You want to allow the lace dress to air dry, as the dryer may shrink or shrivel the lace.

Your lace dress needs to be worn with care and make sure you do not snag it on anything nearby. You can cause some serious damage that can not be repaired to your lace dress with one simple snag.

So wear your lace dress on only special occasions and make sure there will be nothing nearby that can snag the lace dress as you wear it.