An Easy To Make Lace Pillow Heirloom An Easy To Make Lace Pillow Heirloom

What You'll Need
1 yard batiste
2 yards wide insertion lace
Embroidery card for the machine embroidery on pillow front (note: you may also hand embroider)
Embroidery thread
Tear-away stabilizer cut to the size of the pillow front
Rowenta iron

If you're looking for a perfect handmade gift to celebrate a joyous occasion, here's one that will be treasured for years to come. This lovely lace pillow project from Rowenta, manufacturer of high-end garment care products, is the perfect gift for brides and bridesmaids, or as a keepsake for newborns.

Cutting Directions

  1. Cut a 21" x 17" rectangle of fabric for the pillow front.
  2. Cut two 131/2" x 17" rectangles of fabric for the pillow backs.

Sewing Directions

  1. Turn under and press a 1" hem along one long edge of one pillow back piece.
  2. Turn under 1" again and press. Stitch close to the fold.
  3. Repeat for the remaining pillow back.
  4. Mark the location of your embroidery in the center of the pillow front.
  5. Lightly starch and press fabric before embroidering. Place stabilizer behind the fabric.
  6. Follow sewing machine directions for embroidery card or embroider by hand a special design, name or date to mark the occasion.
  7. Pin the pillow front and back with right sides together and raw edges even, overlapping the hemmed edges of the pillow back.
  8. Stitch with a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim seams. Turn right side out and press.
  9. Measure and mark a line 2" in from the edges of the pillow for the flange.
  10. Stitch along the marked flange line.
  11. Mark a curving line in the center of the flange for the placement of the lace.
  12. Pin lace along the marked line.
  13. At the curves, pull up gently on the gathering thread in the edge of the lace.
  14. Shape the lace around the curve and steam to remove any puckers or gathers.
  15. Stitch close to the edges of the lace with a narrow zigzag stitch.
  16. Trim away the fabric behind the lace.

Rest easy. This lace insertion pillow is easy to make and a perfect gift or keepsake for newborns.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.

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