Lacquer Paint Lacquer Paint

If you have outdoor wicker furniture that you love, but it looking a little worn, lacquer paint can save the day. Lacquer paint is the type of paint typically used to paint cars, so it is designed to be smooth, brilliant and tough.

How to go About Finding Lacquer Paint

You can find lacquer paint readily. It is often called auto paint since that is it’s most common application. Lacquer paint can be a little difficult to handle for the novice, so you are really better off paying to have a professional paint your furniture.

Most auto body shops will actually charge you very little to paint your wicker furniture with lacquer paint if you just ask. These shops don’t specialize in furniture painting, but they do specialize in using lacquer paint and getting a smooth and consistent finish. They have all the tools necessary as well as the space to paint your furniture in no time. They will often be able to work you in between bigger jobs on the same day.

For the absolute best finish, have a clear coat applied on top of the lacquer paint. This will make the paint even less likely to chip or fade. Lacquer paint is intended to be used on vehicles that are exposed to the worst nature can dish out, so you can be sure lacquer paint will last for years on your furniture.

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