Lacquer Paint Buying Guide

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Regardless of what you are painting, lacquer paint has many advantages. The project you are working on will determine the type of lacquer you need. Here’s how you can choose.

Metal and Auto Parts

Lacquer paint is very common on auto accessories and other metal pieces. It forms a strong bond and is durable. If you are working with any kind of metal, then you will want to choose a lacquer that has been designed for this. Cast models can be painted with a lacquer spray. These are easier to work with and won’t require as much work.

Wood and Furniture

You can use a lacquer spray on wood and furniture. If the piece is large you may want to purchase lacquer in a can. This requires more work and preparation. You will need to follow the directions carefully and only paint in well-ventilated areas. You will also need to find lacquer that has been designed specifically for furniture. It’s usually not as heat resistant as the metal lacquers are, but are much easier to get to adhere to the wood.

Gloss Level

You will be able to find lacquer paints in high gloss or very low matte finishes. A high gloss will look great on car parts and on some furniture. If you are wanting a more subtle look for furniture, a low matte may be the better option. The low matte will look less like a traditional lacquer finish but still give you the advantage of durability and strength.

Finding the right lacquer product will be easy once you narrow down what you need.