Laminate Cabinets vs Wood Cabinets

Laminate cabinets are usually constructed of particle board over which a thin coat of laminate veneer is fixed over it to offer the appearance of real wood or other surface material. There are many designs and choices available as well as solid wood cabinets and each has their pros and cons.

Laminate Cabinets Pros

The most obvious pro, in favor of laminate cabinets is the price. In comparison with solid wood they are far cheaper and can still achieve and expensive look. Laminate is hard wearing and durable and therefore will still last many years if kept in optimum condition. This means cleaning and maintaining regularly.

Laminate Cabinets Cons

In damp environments the laminate will eventually begin to crack, peel or discolor. It is not uncommon for laminate to weaken over time and eventually look shabby.

Wood Cabinets Pros

Solid wood is a preferred material for many reasons. It is very easy to maintain, requires only minor care, once a thorough treatment has been applied, it looks lovely. Wood cabinets will last a lifetime as long as they are not mistreated in anyway.

Wood Cabinets Cons

Well, compared with laminate, solid wood cabinets are considerably more expensive, but as a long-term investment it is worth thinking about. How long you intend to keep your kitchen or your home for will help you decide whether to take a gamble on the more expensive approach, but the more quality approach.