Laminate Flooring: Glue Vs. Glueless

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to expensive tile and hardwood flooring. Whether you choose to install it with laminate flooring glue, or without, is up to you. Here’s a short list of the differences between these two options.

Laminate Flooring with Glue

Installing laminate flooring requiring glue can be difficult, but will ensure the floor's durability for years to come. Using laminate flooring glue can be messy, and time consuming. The flooring is attached directly to the sub-flooring, making it less likely for the planks to pop or warp from moisture.

Laminate Flooring without Glue

Glueless floors offer durability and are designed with a ‘click and snap’ feature on the planks. The floor is put together in a fashion similar to a puzzle. Since there is no glue necessary, just about anyone can install these types of floors. A no-glue floor is also sometimes called a ‘floating’ floor. This is because laminate flooring can be snapped in over carpet or any other surface. The glueless floors are the more popular of the two choices. However, glueless floors tend to sound hollow as they are walked on.