Lamp Chimneys Lamp Chimneys

Lamps and lamp chimneys can serve many purposes which include emergency usage and adding a unique touch to home décor.

Purposes of lamp chimneys

The main purpose of a lamp chimney is to shield the flame from air and wind and to keep it safely away from people or furniture and fabrics. Lamp chimneys will aid the lamp in producing less combustion and increasing fuel efficiency.

Not only are kerosene lamps decorative, they can also be used in the unfortunate event that you suffer a power outage.

How to clean a lamp chimney

A lot of lamp chimneys are fragile and awkward in shape, thus making them difficult to clean. If you do clean a lamp chimney, first make sure that is has had time to cool down.

First, carefully remove the lamp chimney from the metal brackets. You can soak a lamp chimney in warm, sudsy water, but doing so will not remove the smoke that gathers inside the chimney.

Take a household spray cleaner and hold the lamp chimney over a sink. Generously spray the inside of the chimney. Doing this will loosen the smoke. You can now rinse the chimney with warm water. To further clean the lamp chimney, place a cotton rag over the end of a long, plastic utensil, gently insert and rub the inside of the chimney.


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