Land Clearing Effects Land Clearing Effects

Land clearing is a major environmental issue that could potentially cause problems worldwide. While the effects of land clearing may not be felt directly, that makes them no less severe, and like it or not, those effects will reach everywhere if allowed to continue at their current rate.


Wildlife Effects

Every day, forestry land clearing causes more and more habitats to be destroyed. Many creatures have come closer and closer to extinction due to land clearing, and some have already been lost entirely. In many places, re-plantation is required in order to perform land clearing, but this is not a full answer to the wildlife problem. Simply re-planting trees cut down does not reconstitute the prior wildlife conditions, and in many cases, it will be years before these need forests have reached the same level of habitation that those cleared had.


Rising Water and Salinity Effects

As trees are cut down, water previously soaked up by their roots rises and can potentially damage city infrastructures, beginning with roads and highways. Additionally, the water may carry with it old, buried salt deposits. This salinity runs the risk of poisoning crops, reducing crop production, and seeping into rivers and water supplies.


Greenhouse Effects

Much of the major land clearing equipment put out large amounts of dangerous emissions. This, combined with the rotting and burning of brush make land clearing a major contributor of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

As mentioned, these are problems anybody is going to wake up and suddenly take note of tomorrow. But they are real problems and eventually will need to be addressed.

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