Landscape Brick Wall Ideas

Apart from defining boundaries of residential spaces, landscape brick walls add to the overall visual charm of a home. Landscape brick walls are a functional-cum-aesthetic component of the home’s exteriors. Brick walls have become the most common form of landscape walls since bricks are an affordable and easy-to-handle ingredient. Further, landscape brick walls are durable and need minimal maintenance. In many homes, a landscape wall is a necessity wherein they are needed to bind the lose soil cover or limit overgrown plant–cover. Many homeowners install landscape brick walls to guard their privacy. However, brick-wall designing needs some serious consideration since these walls are difficult-to-modify on a periodic basis. When evaluating various brick wall designs, affordability and practicality of the wall design should be your prime, deciding factors. Painting the landscaping wall does little in terms of enhancing its style elements. Consider the following ideas when undertaking landscape-wall construction or brick-wall remodeling:

Decorating Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are recommended when limiting or preserving certain elements in the exterior is your prime concern. Gardens prone to soil-erosion during rainy seasons or a difficult slope benefit from retaining walls. Retaining brick walls are useful since they help to negate the excessive slope. This also improves the overall drainage of the surrounding area. However, the flat structure of retaining walls can be a bit boring.

A slightly expensive, but very effective solution is using the clustered or staged form of retaining walls. Here, instead of establishing a single retaining wall, smaller sections of walls, in the form of miniature decks, are used. This formation is among the few decorative choices that are possible when building retaining walls. This design also helps to establish a distinct, hedge-like appearance among the retaining wall section. Presence of a hedge helps in softening the overall appearance of retaining walls. This is useful since retaining walls are often accused of looking very structured (formal). Another option is to include more ingredients—apart from the bricks. Retaining walls can be adorned with small bits of faux brick units or even slate and natural stone bits. This helps to establish a more appeasing, brick-cum-stonework theme.

Decorating Basic Brick Walls

Besides retaining walls, most landscaping walls have a similar structure. The easiest way to embellish landscape brick walls without compromising their functionality is using plants/flowers. This doesn’t always means buying fresh plants. Many times, the garden can be maneuvered in such a manner that the existing plants add to the visual aspect of the landscaping wall.

Using Trellis

Gardens that have fast-climbing, vine-like plants are best suited for this method. Here, the vines are directed in such a manner that they start spreading over the brick wall. The presence of a green cover helps to ease the stone-like, coarse appearance of landscaping walls. You can also build small trellis around the brick walls. This facilitates in directing the vine-spread towards the brick wall. Even if you have to plant some climbing vines, the cost considerations will not be a serious issue—most climbers are available at affordable rates.

Using Garden Hedges

If you are ready to plant some new trees to embellish your brick walls, then planting hedges is recommended. Smaller trees or hedges are recommended since they don’t overlap the wall entirely. Most hedges are the perennial flowering variety and this ensures that the walls have a colorful cover throughout the year.

Using Flowerpots

You can create a vertically-hung or raised flowerbed by hanging flowerpots along the top-end of the brick wall. Pot-holders can be easily installed along the internal and external face of the wall. With hedges around the base and bigger flowers adorning its top, the brick wall exudes a more fashionable persona.