Landscape Curbing Pros and Cons

Landscape curbing can be an excellent way to accent your garden or yard. With all the different types of landscape curbing available you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs and tastes. This short article will inform you on some of the pros and cons of landscape curbing so you can decide whether landscape curbing is right for you and your garden.


  • Landscape curbing is a fairly easy way to breathe new life into any old garden. It’ll help define the space you have and draw out the beautiful foliage.
  • Lighted curbing will increase nighttime visibility and add depth to your garden at night time.
  • Landscape curbing gives you an opportunity to be a creative part of the design process.


  • Concrete tends to crack over time, which will lead to the beauty of the curbing becoming diminished.
  • If you decide on garden curbing, you’re pretty much deciding how far your garden can grow in the future. Unless you completely demolish your curbing in the future your garden will not be able to expand past the boundaries you set.