Landscape Design Around A Garden Fountain

What You'll Need

A garden fountain adds a sense of tranquility and style to your garden. The sound of trickling water is a very natural way for people to relax so this feature has become popular in gardens. One of the problems you might face after you set up a garden fountain is how to design your landscape around it. This article describes how to solve this problem.

Step 1 - Get the Ground to the Grade You Want

Work with what the ground gives you. For example, if you have a natural slope to the ground, you might want to cut into it, level off a certain area and build a retaining wall to surround your fountain. If you have a flat area, boulders and stones can help to raise the grade of your ground a little to give you some sort of surrounding feature.

Step 2 - Situate the Rocks

Once the ground is ready and you have hooked up the fountain, set up some rocks and boulders around the fountain. These break up some of the angles and add a natural look to the area. Larger stones go on the base, while smaller, flatter rocks can pile around the top.

Step 3 - Plant Flowers and Shrubs

Add soil to the areas where plants will go. There are two types of plants you can use. Regular plants, flowers and shrubs grow in soil. However, you can also set up aquatic plants.

First, plant the larger plants and shrubs around the fountain. Keep in mind that as they grow, they will begin to hide portions of the fountain. Choose them sparingly. Next, plant the flowers around the fountain. Use already-blooming flowers and not bulbs. Stick in a few water plants that can drape over the sides.

Step 4 - Add a Small Seating Area

One of the reasons you may add a garden fountain is to enjoy the soothing effects of the water as it runs down back into the base. A small seating area allows you to enjoy this sound at close range.

Lay down a layer of sand and pack it very tightly. Lay down a section of natural stone or brick pavers for your patio. Spread out sand over the entire area to fill in the space between. Pick out a garden bench that coordinates with the fountain and plants. Place it on the patio as a finishing touch.