Great Landscaping Ideas for a Spectacular Front Yard

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When it comes to curb appeal, nothing is more important than the front yard, and the front yard is one of the most critical of all landscaping challenges. There are many ways to beautifully landscape the front yard. Choose the landscaping style that best meets your unique needs and taste.

TIP: Our expert gardening advisor, Kathy Bosin adds, "Landscaping can add thousands of dollars to your home's value. Good landscape choices can pay dividends in the future - choose trees and shrubs carefully, and maintain them properly. Your home will show beautifully and will command a higher price."

1. Shrubs and Bushes

One of the most popular ways to landscape the front yard environment is through the use of shrubs and bushes. These are perfect for creating a well landscaped and well organized appearance to virtually any front yard. A line of perfectly spaced bushes and shrubs along the exterior of the home can provide a striking first impression, as well as serve as a useful windbreak. The ability of shrubs and bushes to reduce energy loss should not be discounted, especially in these days of rising energy and home heating costs.

2. Trees

raised bed of shrubs and trees

Trees can be another great part of an exterior landscape, and trees can provide wonderful shade and many opportunities for family recreation. It is important, however, to choose the right trees, and to understand that some trees will be more labor intensive to care for than others.

Although deciduous trees require leaf removal in autumn, there's nothing like beautiful fall color to add to your landscape. Locate such trees well aware from walkways, which could become slick with leaves and rain. Trees like dogwoods and various fruit trees can be a great choice for landscaping the front yard and walkway areas. These trees are beautiful to look at, and they make a striking impression on virtually any landscape. Evergreen trees are a good choice to reduce maintenance.

3. Flowers and Groundcover

There are, of course, other important elements in the exterior landscape, and the good news is that landscape plants can be used to accent any area of the home exterior, including porches, patios, sidewalks, flagpoles, and even mailboxes.

Porches can also be beautifully accented through the addition of flowering vines and climbing plants. Climbing varieties of roses can be particularly striking, as can a variety of climbing foliage growing along a railing or over an archway.

Sidewalks and pathways can be another great venue for the skillful landscaper. Planting a row of colorful flowers along a pathway or sidewalk can provide a feast for the eyes and a lovely first impression for all visitors.

4. Hardscape Elements

front yard with rock walkways

Adding accent pieces, such as benches, tables, potted plants, and stones is a great way to increase the enjoyment of the home while at the same time increasing curb appeal. This curb appeal is essential, of course, for those selling their homes, and often a few simple and inexpensive design elements can greatly enhance the value of the home on the open market.

Landscaping the exterior of your home need not be difficult or complicated. The key is to plan for the landscape elements and to choose those elements according to your own individual sense of style. Often the best designs for the front yard are also the simplest.