Landscaping Around a Pool: Mistakes to Avoid Landscaping Around a Pool: Mistakes to Avoid

Landscaping around the pool area can take many forms. In ground pools typically have a concrete apron around the edge of the fiberglass or plastic liner. Around this concrete apron can be any form of landscaping from stone paths to a garden to decking. A pool whether fresh chlorinated water or salt water, presents a less than favorable environment for garden landscaping. Certain plants are fairly invasive when competing for natural resources such as water. When planting a garden landscape around a pool, certain precautions should be taken ensure that plants thrive and grow.

Planting Around the Area

Plants and flowers, a natural part of landscaping should be arranged in such a way that the landscaping supplements the pool area. Thorny or hard stemmed plants should not be grown in the vicinity where people jump in or out of the pool to avoid prickly accidents. Likewise, plants with fragile flowers should be avoided where people are liable to bump into them and break off fragile stems and petals. Plants with large root systems should be kept away from the pool area as they may grow to push and damage the pool lining. In addition, dirt or mulch too close to the pool can be washed into the pool requiring cleaning or filtering.

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