Landscaping With Black-Eyed Susans: 4 Ideas

The bright yellow or gold petals of the black-eyed Susan make it an excellent addition to any garden or landscape. Easy to grow and maintain, the black-eyed Susan is also one of the most versatile flowering plants and is great in a variety of applications.

Ideas for Black-Eyed Susan

  1. In Pots - Black-eyed Susan's make striking larger pot plants that you can use to landscape a deck or patio. The  contrast of yellow petals and a black or brown center will make it a favorite for guests that join you in your back yard.
  2. Cutting Gardens - If you like cutting your own fresh garden flower bouquets, you'll definitely want to include some black-eyed Susan flowers in your cutting garden. Their daisy like appearance makes them a favorite for dining room table vases and will create splashes a radiant color in your cutting garden.
  3. Corner Planting - Black-eyed Susan make excellent corner flowers in a flower bed alongside your home and will help create colorful boundary limits at the edge of your home.
  4. Meadow or Creek Planting - If you have a small meadow or creek running through your property, black-eyed Susan makes a beautiful waterside flowering plant. Adding beautiful yellow black-eyed Susan flowers alongside your natural or man-made waterway will create a truly picturesque setting.