Landscaping with Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is has become very popular landscaping material. Depending on the type of granite mixer you are using the consistency can change between sandy to chunky, but overall it is an inexpensive choice. Here is a little bit of information regarding the different types of decomposed granite and how to use it for landscaping projects.

Loose Decomposed Granite

While this is an inexpensive landscaping material, it's also not as permanent as others types of granite. Because it tends to erode and lose shape, it needs to be continuously added to over time. If you are going to use loose decomposed granite, you may want to consider having a guard or rail around the edges so that it does not drift outside of the barrier as it may blow in the wind or be tracked out. This is especially necessary when you have the loose granite next to a lawn because mowing a lawn with loose decomposed granite can cause problems with the lawn mower over time.

Stabilizers in Granite

This type of granite can be used the same way as the loose but it is more stable because it is mixed with a stabilizer and is firmer. Because of this it is a little bit more expensive but at the same time it lasts much longer and does not need as much upkeep as the loose granite might need. While the loose kind will need to be filled in every few months and maintained, this type will last for about 7 years or so before needing  any real maintenance.

Resin in Granite

This type of landscape decomposed granite is the most stable of all and the hardest. It is the most expensive but lasts much longer. While you can do it yourself, many times people opt for having it pre-mixed with resin by a contractor and either picked up or delivered. Because of this aspect it can be more costly but you also have to factor in that it will last a much longer time than the other applications.

General Information

These types of decomposed granite can be used for many types of landscaping. All three can be used in a garden area to separate or act as a design. You can use the last type on a driveway or stabilized and resin for pathways. Many times the loose granite is used in flower beds as a lining and looks amazing.

The bottom line is that you need to first decide where you want to use the granite as well as the function that it will perform. Then you can decide how much money up front and in the long run you will want to spend as well as the maintenance that you are willing to do. These facts can help you to decide which is best for you.