Large Deep Fryer

A large deep fryer used commercially may feature a frying area upwards of 34 by 24 inches. Compared to commercial models, home deep fryers are not at all large. However, there are dual-basket deep fryers made for home use that are larger than most home models. Big enough to quickly fry up family-size meals, these units from brands like Aroma and Presto have a cooking oil capacity of up to 20 cups, nearly twice as large as single-basket cookers. 

Large Commercial Deep Fryers

Used in fast food as well as other restaurants, large commercial deep fryers are capable of preparing dozens of pounds of french fries, seafood, chicken wings and other foods in a short amount of time. Newer commercial models are highly efficient and Energy Star rated in some cases. They come with such features as matchless ignition, self-cleaning burners and all-stainless steel exterior components. Optional features include digital or computer controls and oversized casters for easier mobility. 

Large Home Models

Larger home deep fryers like the Presto Dual Daddy and the Aroma Smart Fry XL offer twice the capacity as their single-basket counterparts. Equipped with easy-to-clean components, including the fry baskets, nonstick oil reservoir and immersible heating element, large home deep fryers are spacious enough to fry a meal for a whole family. Among other features, they include a timer, oil-ready indicator light and optional programmable menu settings for one-touch operation.