Las Vegas Style Wedding Las Vegas Style Wedding

Are you getting married? Are you planning to elope? Are you having trouble deciding where to go for your wedding and honeymoon? Do you want to get married- just the two of you- to avoid all of the distraction?

Why not consider going to Las Vegas for the wedding of a lifetime? The location is exciting and impressive. The chapels are unique and full of interesting décor. The social climate is friendly. The price is right and the amount of paperwork is perfect.

If you have the inclination to get hitched and the idea of elopement has been pitched, then consider one of the hottest and most happening spots to tie the knot. In fact, there is so little preparation needed for this wedding ceremony, that you’ll have more time to simply have fun and plan that honeymoon.

No waiting period is necessary for a Las Vegas Wedding. No blood test is required either. If either one of you has ever been married and then divorced, you need to know the date when your divorce became finalized.

For identification purposes, a driver’s license is acceptable. Additionally, you will need some cash to pay the fee for the chapel, officiator of the ceremony, and the paperwork. Now, all that is left is for you to decide if you want to get married by an Elvis impersonator or some other unique character.

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