Lathe Machine Guarding During Operation Lathe Machine Guarding During Operation

Lathe machine guarding during operation is an important way of making sure that no one gets hurt while the machine is working. There are many simple ways you can guard a machine during operation which will make it a much safer environment to work in. Some of the most effective guarding methods are actually very logical.

Warning Signs

Create a few large warning signs and place them in visual areas near the machine. A lathe machine can catch a hanging piece of material and drag it into a mechanism, which is very dangerous. Clear and precise warning signs will keep people away from the machine during operation.

Machine Guard

Buy a large machine guard and install it onto the lathe machine before you start using it. This will greatly improve security and safety around the machine during operation. Lathe machine guards are strong, durable and will not cost you a life changing amount of money.

An Extra Person

Have an extra person stand and watch over the lathe machine during operation if possible. This will allow you to focus on the job the machine is doing. The other person can keep a close eye on any developing hazards and they will be able to literally guard the machine.

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