Lattice Fence Design Ideas Lattice Fence Design Ideas

A lattice fence in the garden can be used for very many things. It can be excellent when it is used as fencing that separates yards, but some imagination can bring it into play for other things around the home.

On the House

Attaching a small section of lattice fence to the house offers can excellent frame from climbing plants, such as clematis. These can offer a dramatic decoration when in flower. By using a lattice fence you’re able to train them in a specific direction.


Arches make for wonderful ways to lead from one section of the garden into another. By using 2 arches joined by lattice, there’s a framework for climbing plants (a climbing rose is ideal) that can make the arch look even grander.


Lattice fence is the most decorative type of fencing. Remember, though, that it’s not meant to be left bare. In that regard, the gaps in lattice let people see in. It does offer an opportunity for hanging garden art, such as mirrors (which can make the garden seem larger) and mosaics. They will be well displayed. If you allow plants to grow up the lattice around the artwork, the foliage can act as a very attractive and completely natural frame.

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