Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

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Considering different laundry room remodeling ideas before embarking on a remodel can lead to permanent, practical and attractive results. No longer is your laundry room simply a place where clothes are washed and random items stored. Homeowners have realized the importance of including every room in the home into their plan for remodeling or redesign. As much as a seldom-used bathroom or a guest bedroom, a laundry room must be considered. It is a frequently used room in the home, so it should feel like it belongs.

Laundry Room Functionality

A laundry room is, in many homes, not just a place to wash and dry clothes. Depending on the layout of the home, the laundry room may link the garage with the kitchen, or it may be directly attached to the kitchen. It may double as a mud room where wet and dirty shoes, coats, tools and toys may be stowed to keep the rest of the house clean and clutter free. For some homes, the laundry room may still be located in the basement. Wherever it is in your home, consider the purpose the room serves in addition to clothes washing. That will help you decide on the appropriate configuration, storage and decor.

Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas

A laundry room should feature light, bright colors to give it a weightless, clean atmosphere. Make sure there is ample artificial or natural light in the laundry room to add to its open feeling. This may require adding light fixtures or even going so far as to install a window. Replace ugly formica countertops and back splashes with granite or decorative ceramic tile. Those materials simply look nicer and have an elegant quality that formica does not have. With the countertops, if you don't already have it, provide for yourself a relatively large area to work with to make clothes folding easy. Cabinet space is another major consideration. You can save room by updating your appliances, thereby allowing more space for cabinet storage. You can never have enough cabinet space. In the laundry room you can store linens, bedding, outdoor clothing and numerous other household things.


Consider replacing your outdated washer and dryer with energy-efficient, space-saving models. A single-unit, dryer on top model is one such choice. You can save money on utility costs as well as getting more clothes washed per load with new laundry room appliances. If you don't like the idea of a folded-up ironing board, install an in-wall ironing board that folds up and out of sight when not in use. It looks like a closed hanging cabinet when the outer doors are closed, so it's never in the way.


Much like the formica found in many older laundry rooms, old, unstylish linoleum flooring is a detriment to a remodeled laundry room. Replace it with either hardwood, composite or laminate flooring or authentic tile. Laundry rooms usually aren't overly large, so you won't have to spend a fortune to floor it with high-quality materials. However, the flooring should match the adjacent room or the combination will lack consistency.

The list of small details could go on and on for laundry room remodeling ideas, but the basic ideas are covered: cabinetry, countertops, lighting, flooring, appliances and decoration. Include your laundry room in with the rest of the home to make a truly unified living space.