Laundry Room Sink Plumbing Explained Laundry Room Sink Plumbing Explained

Fitting a laundry room sink requires the correct plumbing and pipe work. If you haven’t done any plumbing before you should either call a professional or be sure that you know exactly what you are doing. Badly installed plumbing fixtures can cause serious leaks, leading to deterioration and expensive repairs.


Your laundry room sink needs to have a vent and a drain. If you already have your washer and dryer installed, there will be pipe work from which you can run an extender. You will need the right type of T-pipe or suitable joint pipe to attach to the existing drainage pipe.

Water Supply Pipes

The main and current water supply will be from the mains direct to the washing machine. You will have to switch off the water supply and disconnect the water supply pipes or hoses. You will also need to extend the water feed lines so that you can plumb in the hot and cold feed faucets. If you currently have hoses, you may need to rearrange the pipes to accommodate the sink water supply and drainage. Check your individual set up before proceeding and make certain that you have the right pipes, additions and extras you will need to prevent leaks.

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