Laundry Sinks

If you have decided to add a laundry room to your home, it would be wise to consider adding a laundry sink. The convenience and cost effectiveness of laundry sinks make the money well-spent.

Uses of laundry sinks

Other than using a laundry sink for your fine washables, they can also be used to presoak items, using less water than a washing machine. A laundry sink may also be a reciprocal for clothes that are too dirty to be placed in a laundry bin with other clothes. If your family is constantly coming in with mud or dirt on their shoes or boots, you will be able to point them right to the laundry sink.

If you have to mop any floor area in your home, a laundry sink will come in very handy. They hold much more water than a bucket, and create less of a mess. Also, bathing pets in a laundry sink is much more convenient than using a bathtub.

Laundry sink options

Laundry sinks do not have to be an awkward eyesore. They are now manufactured in many styles, sizes, and colors. Laundry sinks are now offered in porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron, molded stone or stainless steel.