Laundry Tubs Laundry Tubs

Laundry tubs are designed to make laundry easier, but they have more than one purpose. Depending on their location, laundry tubs, also referred to as utility sinks, can help with many household projects.

Types of laundry tubs

If you already have a laundry room, adding a new laundry tub should be done by a professional, but can be done relatively easily. Old laundry tubs were constructed of cement but have come a long way since our grandparents used them. They are now available in fiberglass like bathtubs, cast iron, molded stone or stainless steel. They are also available in double-width or with attached wash boards.

Uses of laundry tubs

Since laundry tubs are deeper and sometimes wider than standard sinks, they can help with larger messes or problems. If your laundry room is positioned by a back door, as many are, they can be used to clean mud from boots, and can be used to throw really dirty clothes in for pre-rinsing or presoaking before putting into a washing machine.

Some are used to bathe pets and to do any hand-washing that may be necessary for some clothes. They are also handy for using as a bucket when mopping or to repot plants.

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