Lava Rock vs Rubber Mulch

When comparing lava rock against rubber mulch it is well to keep in mind that both are durable materials that come from different sources. Mulches that are composed of rubber are manufactured from recycled tires while lava rock is a lightweight material that is taken from volcanic deposits.

Lifespan Comparison

When the lifespan of both lava rock and rubber mulch will be considered, it is usually claimed by manufacturers that their rubber mulch will last for a minimum of ten years. Lava rocks are able to last for years too but there is no definite period on their usefulness.

Best Uses of the Materials

Lava rock can be laid on landscape fabric or plastic sheet so that the rocks will not mix with the soil. You can also use the same method for rubber mulch. The practice also makes it easier to pull the mulches back out of the soil.

Advantages of the Mulches

Rubber mulch is made from recycled materials which can aid the environment because there will be lesser waste. Lava rock on the other hand is more natural since they are mined from volcanic deposits. Both are priced reasonably though and can be maintained easily. They do not get blown away in strong wind or float out when it rains unlike other kinds of organic mulches.