Lawn Care without a Lawnmower

A well cared for lawn.

Lawn care without a lawnmower is entirely possible and it does not take as much time as one would imagine. Very few tools are necessary to complete these tasks and none of the tools required use electricity or other fuel types, making them economical and environmentally friendly.

1. Cut that Grass

It is easy to use a scythe to cut grass. Once the motion of swinging the scythe has begun, it will quickly get the job done without the need of a lawnmower. Using a scythe relies on a rhythmic motion. The blade of a scythe is 12 inches long and is serrated. It is used level with the lawn when the swing is low. Decide on which area of grass will be kept cut and which areas will be left to grow before beginning.

2. Use a Hand Edger

A hand edger can be used as a means of separating different areas of a lawn and making them easy to recognize for individual treatment. Do this by rolling the blade over the ground where the areas need to be separated. This will keep the areas well-defined and make grass cutting easier.

3. Use No-mow Lawn

Using no-mow lawn choices are an easier way to get out of using a lawnmower. These sod or seeding options grow close to the ground without getting too tall. This makes the lawn easy to walk on. These lawn choices are also a more attractive alternative to regular lawn choices.

4. Raise Chickens

Keeping chickens will help to keep lawns cut as well. Give them movable pens so that their home can be easily relocated when a section of lawn is done. It is also possible to fence in the entire lawn and let them have the run of the area. Chickens eat the grass so a lawnmower is not necessary.

5. Raise a Goat

Letting goats roam the yard will also negate the need for a lawnmower. The right breed of goat will be happy to keep a lawn at a reasonable height. If owning a goat seems like too much trouble, perhaps borrowing one would work. There are places where grass-eating goats can be rented for this purpose. The lawn area will have to be fenced in when using this method.

6. Plant Something Else

Plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs to make further use of grass-covered spaces. This will also help homeowners to free up lawn space that is only used for decorative purposes and make their gardens actually work for them instead.

By employing the above methods, a lawnmower will not be necessary for lawn care. Employing other methods, such as digging up the lawn, planting larger gardens and mulching will also make it unnecessary to mow a lawn. These are all great ways of making it possible to never have to use a lawnmower again.