Lawn Tools - How to Use a Pooper Scooper

What You'll Need
A Pooper Scooper
Poop bags
Trash bags
Secure trash can
Hand soap

Lawn tools such as spades or rakes are vitally important but if you share your home with "man's best friend", the lawn tool you're likely to use the most is a pooper scooper. This is especially important if you have young children in your home and you will need to pick up after your dog for their benefit. Regular use of a pooper scooper will also keep your lawn looking great. Follow these four easy steps to make sure your garden is always in top shape.

Step 1 - Pooper Scooper Preparation

The most basic kind of pooper scooper is the plastic model which requires you to put a bag it before picking up. The scooper is taco-shaped with grips and protective shields where you usually place your fingers. To begin, open the scoop by placing your thumb in the bottom grip and put the rest of your fingers into the top grip. Initially, the grips will touch and the curve of the scoop will fit the curve of your palm. Once you open your hand, the inside of the scoop is exposed and ready for the bag.

Step 2 - Inserting the Bag into the Pooper Scooper

With your other hand, take a poop bag (it is best to purchase bags with handles and many of these are scented) and open it fully. Using your hand, put it inside the bag. Push the bag all the way inside the open scoop so that the outside of the bag is in full contact with the inside of the scoop. When the scoop is open, the inside of the bag should be exposed. Be sure to fold the excess of the bag and handles over the finger grips so that they are not in the way of the open bag. This might take a few tries when you first use it  but you should be able to master this technique in no time.

Step 3 - Scooping the Poop

Approach the poop and open the scoop as wide as you can. One edge of the scoop should make contact with the ground on one side of the pile but your fingers must be safely tucked inside the finger grip so they do not make contact with the lawn. Next, scoop up away from you so that the mess is securely inside the bag attached to the scooper. Close your fingers together and, with your other hand, unfold both handles.

Step 4 - Disposal and Cleanup

Open the scoop and pull the poop-filled bag out by the handles. Next, tie the handles of the bag together and dispose of the poop bag in a secure trash bag inside a trash can. If you carried out the procedure correctly, your hands will not have touched the poop or the ground but it is always a good idea to wash your hands after using your pooper scooper anyway.

Remember to use this important lawn tool regularly so that buildup of your dog waste is kept to a minimum. Also, remember to take your pooper scooper with you when you walk your dog to leave your neighborhood poop-free.