Lawn Tools - What are Lawn Aerator Shoes? Lawn Tools - What are Lawn Aerator Shoes?

Using the proper lawn tools can go a long way towards making your yard look good. One tool that you could potentially utilize is a pair of lawn aerator shoes. Here are the basics of lawn aerator shoes and what they can do for your lawn.

What are Lawn Aerator Shoes?

Lawn aerator shoes are a product that you strap onto the bottom of your existing shoes. They have a flat platform that you stand on and then straps that go over and around the top of your foot. On the bottom of the shoe, there are several long spikes. When you wear these shoes and walk across your yard, the spikes will dig down into the dirt approximately 2 inches. This helps to aerate the lawn.

Benefits of Aeration

Aerating your lawn with lawn aeration shoes can provide you with several benefits. Over time, your yard starts to get packed down. With traffic on the lawn, the dirt tends to get closer and closer together. This prevents airflow from getting into the soil and it prevents water from getting down to where it needs to go. By aerating the soil, you will increase airflow, which will benefit the roots of the grass and help them grow deeper. 

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