Laying Ceramic Tile on Concrete Laying Ceramic Tile on Concrete

What You'll Need
Ceramic tile
Wet saw
Tape measure
Pry bar
Tile spacers
Rubber grout float

Laying ceramic tile on concrete is a job that is going to require a lot of attention to detail. With some basic knowledge, you should be able to install the tile directly onto the concrete without any problems. Here are the basics of how to lay ceramic tile on concrete.

Step 1: Planning

Before you start the job, you should spend some time planning it out. Draw a detailed diagram of the space in which you plan on installing. Obtain the dimensions of the space with your tape measure. Write the dimensions on your diagram. You will want to multiply the length and the width of the space to obtain the square footage. Then add about 10 percent so that you will know how much you need to buy. You will also want to think about how you are going to lay the tile in the room. You may need to do some sketches on the diagram so that you can visualize the layout. When you get your tile, you may want to actually lay it in the room so that you can see how it is going to lay. 

Step 2: Preparation

You will then need to prepare the room for installation. You need to use your pry bar to remove any baseboards that are along the wall. You also need to take up any carpet or flooring that is on the concrete. Remove the furniture from the room as well. You should snap a chalk line in the middle of the floor so that it can guide you in your installation.

Step 3: Lay the Tile

At this point, you need to start laying the tile. Use your trowel to spread the adhesive on the floor. Smooth it out as best as you can. Then press one of the tiles down into it. Press it firmly so that the back of the tile is covered with adhesive. Then you will want to put a tile spacer on each corner of the tile. Then press another tile directly up against the spacers on the first tile. This will ensure the proper spacing between the tiles. Put tile spacers around the second tile as well. Then put a third tile in the adhesive. You will need to continue laying tiles in this manner until you come to a wall or cabinet.

Step 4: Making Cuts

When you get to a wall, you are going to need to make a cut. Use your tape measure to determine the proper size for the tile. Then use your wet saw to cut the appropriate size of tile. Then put the cut piece into the gap. Continue laying tile until the area is covered. Then you are going to want to allow the adhesive to dry overnight before moving forward.

Step 5: Grout

You can now install the grout. Use a rubber grout float to fill the joints between the tiles with grout. After you are done, you are going to want to clean the tile with a wet sponge. This is going to help smooth out the joints and remove the grout from the top of the tile. 

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