Laying Cork Laminate Flooring With No Mess Laying Cork Laminate Flooring With No Mess

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Utility knife
Straight edge

Cork laminate flooring is easy to care for and maintain. It also provides a sound barrier to the room. The cork in the laminate is wrapped in a clear plastic layer, which allows this flooring option to last a long time.

Step 1 – Preparing the Room

Remove all of the furniture from the room where you plan to lay the flooring. Use a pry bar to gently pull the baseboard away from the wall. Slide a small piece of lumber between the bar and the wall to prevent any accidental damage. Remove the vents from the floor. Pull up and remove any carpeting and carpet padding that may be on the floor. Roll the material up, and dispose of it properly. Use pliers and a hammer to remove any nails that may be in the floor. Use a scraper to remove any residue left on the floor. Sweep and vacuum the floor to remove any other dirt or dust.

Step 2 – Preparing the Flooring

Place the new flooring in the room where you plan to install it. Leave the flooring in the room for about two days. This will allow the cork laminate to become accustomed to the moisture and temperature of the room.

Step 3 – Positioning Spacers

Position spacers around the perimeter of the room. These spacers will allow the cork laminate enough space to expand.

Step 4 – Installing the First Row of Cork Laminate

Determine the longest wall in the room. Work from the longest wall, installing the laminate flooring. Lay the first row of flooring with the tongue facing the wall. Use a saw to cut the last piece to the necessary size to fit properly into the row. If the cut piece is more than one foot long, use it as the first part of the second row of flooring. The second row will then stagger in its layout. Be sure all of the pieces fit together snugly.

Step 5 – Installing the Next Rows

Hold the cork laminate at an angle, and insert the tongue into the piece that is already installed. You should hear a click sound when the two pieces are fit together properly. Use a tapping block to close the gap between each of the pieces as you lay them. Continue laying the flooring, row by row, until you come to the last one.

Step 6 – Installing the Last Row of Cork Laminate

Fit the final row of flooring into the opening that remains on the floor. Make any necessary cuts to the laminate. Apply wood adhesive to the laminate to secure it into place.

Step 7 – Finishing the Flooring Installation

Remove all of the spacers from the room. Cut and install the baseboard. Be sure to nail the board to the wall and not the flooring.

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