How to Lay Bathroom Floor Tile

What You'll Need
Ceramic tiles
Cutting tools
Tape measure
Chalk line

If you are installing bathroom floor tile, take these steps in order to ensure a satisfactory finish for your project

Step 1 - Remove Baseboard

Remove the baseboards to create adequate work space. Ceramic tile is thicker than other flooring products, so the baseboards must be reinstalled higher than before.

Step 2 - Check Door Clearance

Once you have removed the baseboards, put a piece of tile under the door to check the clearance. If the space between the tile and the door is taller than the height of 2 tile pieces, then you may need to trim the door.

Step 3 - Snap a Chalk Line

To ensure that you lay the tile as squarely as possible, use snap a chalk line.

Step 4 - Cut the Tiles

Laying tile around vanities and toilets requires planning ahead. You'll need to cut many pieces of tile before you're done. Have cutting tools available.

Step 5 - Create an Even Surface

Before you begin, even the surface as much as possible. Fill low spots with grout and deep grooves or holes with flooring material. Doing so will prevent cracks later.