Laying Glazed Porcelain Tile

What You'll Need
Tile adhesive
Tile cutter
Tape measure
Spirit level

Creating a floor that is both practical and decorative is easy to achieve, with one of the options being to lay glazed porcelain tile. Ensure a decent result from your work and gain a floor that meets your needs by following the correct steps for the installation process.

Step 1 – Prepare Surface

Clean the surface to which the glazed porcelain tile will be applied to ensure that it can be affixed properly. Use a spirit level to ensure that the surface is not uneven, and rectify this by pouring concrete.  

Step 2 – Prepare Tiles

Measure the area of the floor over which the glazed porcelain tile will be spread and use the result to determine the dimensions of the tiles. Mark the tile with the measurements and cut accordingly. Dry fit the tiles to ensure that they fit correctly.

Step 3 – Lay Tiles

Spread the tile adhesive to the surface with a trowel, making sure that it is evenly spread, and carefully press the glazed porcelain tile in place. Leave the glue to dry once all the tiles have been fitted. Apply grout to the joins once the glue is dry, immediately removing any excess.