Laying Sod: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Laying sod is an important job and it’s crucial to the growth of your lawn that you do it right. Here are a few tips to help lay sod correctly.


  • It is easiest to start on the outsides of the lawn. Roll out a roll of sod on the far left side of the lawn and then one on the far right, working your way into the center.
  • Start along a solid line you can use for reference, sidewalks or driveways work well.
  • Stagger the pieces you lay (make sure the corners of the sod aren’t in the same exact place for each row).
  • Push the pieces of sod together, creating the least amount of space between sod pieces.
  • Use a pocket knife or box cutter to cut any odd shaped pieces you need.
  • After laying your new sod go over it with a lawn roller, if available. This will allow the grass to take root quicker.

What to Avoid

  • Do not overlap rolls of sod as this will lead to an uneven lawn.
  • Do not mow your new lawn too early; wait about 2 to 3 weeks, giving the grass time to take root.