Laying Stone on a Concrete Patio

What You'll Need
Tri-sodium phosphate
Elbow grease
Dirty rags/Scrubbing brush
Floor leveler or Self-leveling concrete
Concrete sealer
Grout float

If you already have a concrete patio, laying stone on it can help improve the look of the patio considerably. While the overall look of patio can be dull and unaesthetic without stones, with the right kind of stones, you can change all that. There are many ways in which stones can be set into concrete surfaces. While some people use concrete mixes to set in the stones on the surface, there are many others who use mortar for such projects. The choice completely depends on what kind of materials you have at your disposal and what kind of finish you want in your patio. Here’s how you can lay stones on your concrete patio.

Step 1 – Prepare of the Patio

The concrete surface of the patio needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you can begin to apply stones on it. Scrub the floor well with soap and water to get rid of grime and dust. Next, mix together a solution of tri-sodium phosphate and use it to clean the concrete surface once again. You can use a scrubbing brush as well as elbow grease to clean the surface completely. This will help clean up any pits and cracks on the concrete surface as well.

Step 2 – Check the Surface for Evenness

It is not possible to lay stones on a concrete surface that is uneven. Use a level to check the surface and make sure it is even. If there are cracks in the surface and if the surface is not even, you will have to use self-leveling concrete to even out the entire surface. Mix a batch of self-leveling concrete and pour it on the concrete surface. Allow it to dry for several hours before proceeding to the next step. You can also use a concrete sealant to ensure that the stones will adhere to the surface more tightly.

Step 3 – Lay the Stones

If you have not already decided the layout of the stones on the patio, this is the time to do it. Make sure you have the right size and amount of stones that will help you achieve the layout you desire. To help you lay the stones better, mark a chalk line to ensure that you have a straight area for your stones. Mix the mortar after you have marked the positions of the stones on the concrete, and using a trowel, spread it over the areas where you want to install your stones. Do not cover the entire area; start with a little area and then proceed to cover the entire surface. Start placing the stones along the chalk lines that you have marked, placing one stone at a time.

Step 4 – Grouting

Mix the grouting mix, and using a grout float, start to fill in the gaps between the stones. Apply carefully so that you do not make the stones dirty. Allow the grout to dry and then use a wet rag to wash away any extra grout on the face of the stones.