Layout Trends of Contemporary Kitchen Designs Layout Trends of Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Contemporary kitchen designs can sometimes be unpopular with the general public, as they are seen as sharply angled, cold and unfriendly designs, with very little of the homeowner's personality. However, this is usually only true of designs with no imagination, that promote the modern home decor trends for sleek, straight lines and little freedom of movement. In fact, contemporary kitchen designs can be much warmer and inviting, while still remaining stylish, than most homeowners would believe. There are a few contemporary kitchen designs which can seem pleasing to the eye, and come in attractive layouts which are both interesting and practical.


By far the biggest trend in contemporary kitchen designs is the island layout. It's most suitable for homes with a large square foot availability, as the islands can take up a lot of space, and designers need to factor in paths to and from the islands. In contemporary kitchen designs, the island can be used in a number of different ways, including as a hob or sink unit. It can also be used to prepare food, to store items and as a dining area. Using an island as a cooking range, and adding a canopy above which holds pots and pans, can make a very attractive focal point for your room.


A traditional standard, the L shape is also used in contemporary kitchen designs were there is limited room. L-shaped kitchen counter tops can be designed in a variety of shapes, including square, curved or spherical, making them ideal for modern home decor designs. Units within the L-shaped kitchen can be divided by the use of counter tops, so the hob and the sink are separated. The L-shape design also allows dining rooms to be placed within the kitchen, another contemporary fashion.


The U-shaped kitchen utilizes three walls of the room, making it popular with contemporary kitchen designs, which seek to accommodate more than one cook in the same area. With a U-shaped kitchen, it is possible to have multiple cooking areas, including a range and hob. Appliances can be placed in an island in the middle of the U-shape, to free up work space, or the island could hold another sink. The U-shape appeals to contemporary kitchen designs ideas in that it increases the functionality of the room, while still being available for styling trends such as sleek lines.

The Galley

Galley style cooking is not an invention of contemporary kitchen designs, but it is an old staple that can easily be made to conform to modern home decor designs. With the increase in the amount of family time spent in the kitchen, the galley allows people to prepare multiple meals side by side. A double-galley design would also allow cooks to hold conversations while the meal is being prepared.

Contemporary kitchen designs can adapt old styles of kitchen and transform them into more modern layouts and designs. The addition of sleek counter tops and a functional island can make even the oldest of kitchen layouts seem to be much more contemporary and cutting edge, without having to alter too much of the design of the kitchen.

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