Lead Pipe Flashing Info Lead Pipe Flashing Info

Lead pipe flashing is a plumbing and construction material that is applied over vent pipes in various venting situations where the pipes must run out of the building through the rooftop.


This material is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is comprised of a cylindrical piece of metal that is attached to flat metal base. This product is available in most hardware and home improvement stores. It is typically sold in different sized units that are preformed.


Lead pipe flashing is used to seal any gaps that are created in the roofing at the point where the venting pipe runs through the shingled area. It provides a water and corrosion resistant seal which protects the rooftop and prevents any moisture or rust damage from developing.


Lead pipe flashing is installed over the vent pipe that runs through the roof. The flashing is secured over one layer of shingles. Another row of shingles is then installed over the flashing. This overlapping involved in the installation process creates a strong, durable and protective layer. It is necessary to check the instructions provided with the manufacturer of the lead pipe flashing you use. There are some lead pipe flashing products that cannot be secured with nails or adhesive.

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