Leaded Glass Windows Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded glass windows are comprised of numerous smaller windows that are arranged into a pattern.  The glass pieces are held together by thin strips of lead called cames.

The most common example of a leaded glass windows are the stained glass windows found in churches and cathedrals. These windows are constructed with one additional step, which is the staining or tinting of the small glass pieces contained within the lead cames.

Due to the intense amount of labor and time involved in their construction, stained glass windows are often very expensive. However, affordable examples of leaded glass windows have made their way into today’s marketplace for the average consumer. Many entrance doors and specialty windows are available with leaded glass options. Usually, these products are made of frosted or obscured glass pieces, which helps keep cost down.

The installation of any type of leaded glass window fills a room with beautiful, natural light and is a handsome addition to any home. 



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