Leaf Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher in One

The leaf blower vacuum and mulcher is a modern piece of machinery that can make life in the garden much easier. The machine is usually powered by a gas engine and operated by one person.

Leaf Blower

When set to 'blow,' a powerful stream of air is pumped down the tube and is used to blow leaves into piles. This is a quick and efficient method of getting leaves off a lawn. Instead of struggling with a lawn rake, just blow the leaves to where you want them.

Leaf Vacuum

The vacuum function collects the leaves by reversing the air flow. Leaves are collected in a bag just as on a vacuum cleaner. Dispose of them by simply taking the bag and emptying it.


The mulcher function operates in conjunction with the vacuum function. Instead of being collected in the bag, the leaves that are vacuumed up are blown through a series of blades and reduced to very small pieces—ideal for mulch. Even if you do not need mulch, using this function means that the bag for the vacuum element does not need to be emptied so often.