Leak Sealant: To Spray or Not To Spray

There are many different types of leak sealant in the market today. Each sealant is specially formulated to stop leaks of a specific object or machine. Using the proper sealant and proper application to your leak problems will fix the leaking effectively. Below are a list of the most common leak problems and which kind of sealant would best patch the problem:

For Refrigeration Leaks

Nowadays, there are new kinds of sealants that are especially formulated to fix the leaks of your refrigerators. These kinds of sealant can stop the leaks of a refrigerator without any unfavorable effects to its system components.

The good thing about refrigerator sealants is that if the exact position of the leak is hard to find, sealants will do the job for you. In an instant, you will have your leak-proof refrigerator ready for your using.

For Tire Leaks

It is not always advised to use sealants for your tire leaks because after a short time, you would notice that the car is imbalanced and the only way to fix it is to detach the tire and clean it from the inside. A very messy and arduous work that even tire technicians do not want to do; they would just suggest you buy a new tire. But this technique can be very helpful in times of urgency and you really need to use your car, just be ready for the tiring consequence you have to do afterwards, or the likelihood of purchasing a new tire.

For Radiator Leaks

Old cars are more prone to radiator leaks. Indications of radiator leaks are below normal coolant level and sudden overheating of your engine. Luckily you can temporarily repair radiator leaks easily that only require minimal mechanical knowledge.

In repairing a radiator leak, you only need to look for the appropriate sealant for your car model and whether your radiator is made up of aluminum and copper. Apply sealant directly to the leak. Then add coolant to its normal level. Close the cap and check if there are other leaks; if there is none, then you have effectively repaired your radiator. But always remember that this is only a temporary solution, you would still need to ask a professional mechanic to properly fix the leak.

For Water Leaks 

In addressing water leaks, there are many water sealants available and each has its own advantages. But nonetheless water sealants nowadays are very effective in fixing your leak problems almost permanently. Some can even be applied on wet surfaces, which can come in handy when an unexpected leak occurs on a rainy day.

It’s best to ask or consult people with experience to help you decide which sealant best suits your needs. And always remember that some leaks are only fixed temporarily, you would still need to have it checked by a professional just to be sure and safe.