Leather Upholstery Cleaning Techniques Leather Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Many methods and techniques are used in leather upholstery cleaning. Upholstered furniture is found not only in the house but also in cars and airplanes, and common materials used are textiles, fabrics and leather. Leather is one of the most popular materials used for upholstery because it is known for its luxury.

As the English proverb says, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so it is much better to keep the upholstery clean right from the start rather than cleaning it after you stain it. The easiest way to maintain leather is to ensure that it is not scuffed or spilled upon.

Regular Cleaning

Leather upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly in order to remove the accumulating grime. It should first be vacuumed to remove most of the crumbs and loose dirt, and then scrubbed with a mild moisturizing soap. Never use a soaking rag to clean leather, since water itself can stain your leather upholstery. Leave it to dry naturally. You should never keep heaters or other sources of heat close to the upholstered furniture during the drying process, because the leather may tighten and can cause great damage to the upholstery. There also exist products known as leather conditioners. These help create a protective barrier against dirt and stains on your leather upholstery.  If for some reason you happen to notice a stain on your leather upholstered furniture, do not despair as most of the stains can be successfully removed with some patience and perseverance.

Water Stains

Leather upholstery cleaning methods vary according to the stains. For example, water which is considered as a cleaning agent, can in fact stain leather upholstery. The solution to remove such water-stains is to soak again the area with a damp piece of rag and then blot the water with a dry cloth.

Ink Stains

A difficult stain to remove on leather upholstery is ink, but it can be removed with alcohol. Dip a piece of cloth in alcohol and rub it over the stained area to remove the ink. When cleaning away a stain, always remember to rub gently and always start from the outside, because if you start rubbing the stain from the inside, the stain may consequently spread.

Coffee, Cola and Blood Stains

Dark substances that can leave dark-colored marks on your leather upholstery include coffee, cola and blood. All these can be removed thanks to a homemade stain-removing paste made from equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Using a cloth or toothbrush, rub the paste gently over the stain and leave for about 5-10 minutes, then remove with a damp piece of cloth.

As everyone knows, oil-based substances are the number one cause for the most persistent stains that may ruin the leather upholstery forever, but if you wipe your upholstery regularly with a damp cloth, you will help keep your leather upholstery free from a good number of stains. Leather upholstery cleaning is highly important because it prevents the coating to absorb the unwelcome substances. Unlike carpet cleaning, most upholstery-cleaning techniques are dry.

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