LED Landscape Lighting Benefits

Solar lamp

LED landscape lighting or (light-emitting diode) landscape lighting offers many benefits for home and industrial outdoor lighting, including cost efficiency, environmental benefits and more versatility than traditional incandescent outdoor lighting.

LED landscape lighting systems offer a wide range of color choices and extend your decorative and style options. Among the most important design uses for outdoor landscape lighting:

  • Up-lighting to provide ambient light in the area;
  • Down-lighting to provide targeted light from above;
  • Silhouette lighting to provide dramatic accents by casting light behind specific design elements;
  • Colored LED lights to provide color washes and add interest.

Outdoor LED lighting systems offer many benefits for the homeowner. LED landscape lighting lasts longer than incandescent lighting. High-quality outdoor LED lights will last for up to 30 years. They may cost more to buy, but they'll last far longer than five incandescent lights. In addition, LED landscape lights are about 80 percent more efficient than other forms of outdoor lighting. That means you'll save considerable money in energy costs over the life of each LED fixture. Because LED lights are smaller than traditional lighting options and last longer, they also allow for many lighting designs that weren't possible before LED lights became common. LED landscape lighting is also the greenest choice available because it uses less power and creates far less waste.